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This is the portfolio/playground of designer Jason Kingery, of DENiAL-Design.com.

You will find open source css/xhtml standard templates to download, and enjoy.

As well as my portfolio for sites I have created, and maintained. If you would like to contact me use the contact form provided.

My skill set includes:

Design: Photoshop, CSS, and XHTML.

Installation: WordPress, Punbb, Joomla, Various Carts, and most PHP/MYSQL installation.
Learning: AJAX, PHP, MYSQL. These are some things, I can use at varying levels, and I’m currently learning.

Short BIO:

How did I get into graphic design? I’m going to attempt to answer that. I have been involved with computers for close to 15 years now. Back in the “hay day” I was involved with an ANSI Art group named, ummm, You know. I have been sitting here thinking, It’s been to long ago, I don’t remember what we called ourselves. It started with a “D” though.

Yeah, so I was doing this ansi art, and wasn’t very good. About this time the RIPscrip format came out, I was finally able to draw with lines, and use the predecessor to the graphics you know today. I had always drawn and enjoyed art, but computers were my passion slowly moving along I was introduced to Photoshop, and from there I started learning html. I have stuck with it and now I consider myself pretty well affluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, and standards compliance. As well as being versed intimity with Photoshop.